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what you didn't know about toners

Always apply a toner after cleansing

Restores the skin's PH levels and helps minimize pores

Toners help prep the skin for your next step and absorbs products more effectively - it truly is the MVP of skincare!

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why choose multi-active toner?

Lightweight facial toner hydrates and refreshes while conditioning the skin with moisture-binding humectants. Infused with soothing Arnica, Balm Mint, and Lavender, it prepares the skin for optimal moisture absorption post-cleansing and throughout the day, promoting even skin porosity and enhancing moisturizer efficacy.

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  • ultracalming mist

    This soothing mist calms redness and sensitivity and supports the skin barrier to minimize flare-ups. Formulated with Oat, botanicals, and Aloe, it relieves inflammation, conditions skin, and provides soothing benefits after waxing or exfoliation.

  • antioxidant hydramist

    Refreshing antioxidant toner hydrates and firms the skin, creating an active shield against free radical damage and signs of aging. Infused with Pea Extract, Rose, and Clove extracts, it refreshes and hydrates, ideal after cleansing or for a quick pick-me-up throughout the day.

  • micro-pore mist

    This versatile mist minimizes pores, reduces excess oil, and fades post-breakout marks with niacinamide and antioxidants, offering visible results instantly. Cucumber extract refreshes the senses for a cool pick-me-up throughout the day.

  • hyaluronic ceramide mist

    Hydrating mist combines Hyaluronic Acid and ceramides to strengthen the skin's barrier, smooth fine lines, and lock in moisture for supple, resilient skin. Infused with calming Rose Water and antioxidants, it nourishes and refreshes, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.

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