recyclable cleanser

metal springs are a hidden secret inside most pumps, rendering them non-recyclable. our new 16.9 oz cleanser packaging uses a single-material recyclable pump and 50% post-consumer-recycled plastic bottles, reducing waste and increasing recyclability.

awards won
• PCD Innovation Award 2023
• Ameristar 2022
• Worldstar 2023
• Formes de Luxe Award 2023

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sustainable dropper

Incorporating over 75% PCR, Breakout Clearing Booster
features a sustainable dropper and is recyclable in the PP

awards won
• Ameristar 2023
• Worldstar 2024
• PCD 2024


airless tube system

Our mono-material airless tube system complements our
innovative PoreScreen Mineral Sunscreen SPF40 and
PowerBright Dark Spot Peel.

awards won
• PCD 2024

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by 2025 Dermalogica will meet or surpass the following sustainability goals:

- 90% of our ingredients will be sourced from sustainably rated suppliers*

- 100% of our tubes, bottles, and boxes will be designed to be reused, recycled, and/or composted

- The majority of the plastic in our packaging will be derived from recycled material or plant-based material**
- We’ll partner primarily with suppliers who monitor and manage their carbon footprint***

- Our Clear Start sub-brand will also meet or surpass these Healthy Skin, Healthy Planet targets by 2025.

manufactured in california

Our formulas are all manufactured in California, which boasts some of the world’s strongest environmental and consumer protections.

  • sustainable ingredients

    We replaced a key ingredient (Butylene Glycol) in 77 formulas with a plant-based version, resulting in 50% less global warming potential and using 46% less non-renewable energy than the petroleum-based production process.

  • cruelty-free + vegan

    We are recognized cruelty-free by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and Leaping Bunny. We are vegan and gluten-free.

  • no artificial colors or fragrances

    We have been clean since 1986.
    Our formulas are free of artificial
    colors and fragrances, mineral
    oil, lanolin, S.D. alcohol,
    parabens and microplastics.

  • FSC and SFI certified

    All of our cartons are FSC-certified to be sustainable for forests. Additionally, all shippers
    are SFI (Sustainable Forestry
    Initiative)- certified. SFI Inc. is
    an independent, non-profit,
    charitable organization
    dedicated to promoting
    sustainable forest management
    in North America and supporting
    responsible procurement

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* 90% of our ingredients, by mass, will be determined sustainable by certification and/or other supporting data. For ingredients with no existing certification practices, we will seek secondary documentation proving sustainable credentials.

** 51% or more of packaging plastic, by mass, will be derived from recycled plastic or plant based materials.

***All partners and vendors will be asked to provide evidence of their carbon footprint management practices.