how we made a calming exfoliant

how we made a calming exfoliant

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  • Daily exfoliation is essential for smooth, healthy-looking skin but it isn’t one-size-fits-all.
  • A combination of several chemical, physical, and enzymatic exfoliants make it easy to smooth and soothe skin.
  • New Daily Milkfoliant is the peaceful way to exfoliate.

    You’ve most likely heard that exfoliation is an essential part of any skin care routine. But you may be wondering if it’s actually right for your skin — and, if so, which is the best exfoliant for you. Daily exfoliation is essential for smooth, healthy-looking skin but it isn’t one-size-fits-all. Everyone’s skin is different and we all have different skin conditions with different needs. It’s important to use a gentle exfoliant, as the wrong exfoliant can be hard on our skin — sometimes causing irritation, increased sensitivity, breakouts, or dry, dehydrated, flaky skin.

    That’s where Daily Milkfoliant comes in. This calming exfoliant is the peaceful way to exfoliate every day. So what are the five all-star ingredients that help this gentle exfoliant polish skin and support the moisture barrier?

    daily milkfoliant coconut milk

    coconut milk

    Coconut milk is one of those must-have ingredients that is known to help calm skin. This is one of the main ingredients in our powder exfoliant, Daily Milkfoliant, and it smooths for softer skin.

    daily milkfoliant oat bran extract

    oat bran extract

    Known to help calm skin, Oat is a main ingredient in Daily Milkfoliant. Our calming vegan exfoliating powder features Oat Bran Extracts, which contain nourishing lipids that help replenish the skin’s moisture barrier and help soothe skin.

    daily milkfoliant saccharide


    Saccharide works with Atomized Sea Salt and Hyaluronic Acid to help support the skin’s moisture barrier.

    daily milkfoliant papain extract

    papain extract

    This gentle exfoliating powder is rich in Papain Extract. Harvested from Papaya, it provides exfoliating properties and helps to resurface skin.


    alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids

    Alpha Hydroxy Acids, otherwise known as AHAs, and Beta Hydroxy Acids, or BHAs, help polish away dead skin cells. In Daily Milkfoliant, this comes in the form of fruit-based Grape Extract and Arginine, which work together with Coconut Milk for smoother, softer skin.

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