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clean touch certified

Learn about Dermalogica’s 12 key principles for enhanced service safety as well as some best practices to implement in your business. After testing your knowledge and making a pledge to uphold these principles, you will earn your Dermalogica Clean Touch Certification and receive a detailed guide as reference.

Now available in 18 languages: English, Greek, Dutch, Finnish, Czech, Thai, Turkish, Croatian, Hebrew, Polish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and German.

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Aurelian Lis, Building Your Business Series: Clean Touch Certified

With the current COVID 19 global status, you and your clients safety is Dermalogica’s top priority. In this episode, Aurelian Lis, CEO for Dermalogica, joins us to share some very real and relevant information about service safety for our industry. We discuss Dermalogica’s guidelines, key principles and our new certification course to help you create a safe and clean environment for when you’re ready to get back in touch.

Living Skin
The Podcast

As professional skin care experts for over 30 years, Dermalogica’s number one focus is on empowering people to achieve their healthiest skin ever. Education is at the heart of everything we do, so our podcast brings advice from top skin health experts directly to you. Join us as we discuss skin technologies and business strategies to help you get real results in and out of the treatment room

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Supporting our PSTs

For over 30 years, Dermalogica has provided professional-grade products and skillset training to licensed skin therapists around the world. With COVID-19 forcing closures of salon businesses everywhere, we are working to ensure that our tribe of professional skin therapists are supported through this unprecedented time.

Here’s what we’ve done to support:

  • Opened our affiliate program to all accounts and increased commission rate from 15% - 30%, payable in cash or product credit vouchers.
  • Extended payments for accounts with credit card payment terms.
  • Doubled our digital streaming classes, offering more opportunities to learn skills at home.
  • Established business resources offering bi-weekly livestreams, financial planning guides, online marketing materials, digital class curriculums, and more, to help everyone in the professional skin care industry adapt and plan.

*Offer good on unopened retail and professional products purchased on Feb 10 or later.

Past Streams

In This Together - Part 1

We discuss ways to manage the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on your businesses. You will hear from expert epidemiologist, Kavita K. Trivedi, MD, and our own leadership.

In This Together - Part 2

In This Together - Part 3

In This Together - Part 4

Learn about our new principles for enhanced service safety and plans for reopening. More info on how to be Clean Touch Certified here. Special guest: Deedee Crossett.

In This Together - Part 5

For more information on how Dermalogica is responding to COVID-19, click here.