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Balance and Protect 4-pc kit with $145+ spend! | canada post service delays | COVID-19 updates

stay home, stay positive

Cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate

Awaken your senses with our limited edition stay home, stay positive set and help maintain your hand and skin wellness.Learn More

Awaken your senses with our limited edition stay home, stay positive set and help maintain your hand and skin wellness.Learn More

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Balance and Protect Kit ($40 value)

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stay home, stay positive

This limited edition set includes some of our favourite body products with an added bonus for you to enjoy a relaxing body treatment at home. Set includes: Conditioning Body Wash 295 ml (invigorating body wash), Body Hydrating Cream 295 ml (nourishing cream), Thermafoliant Body Scrub 177 ml ( dual-action body exfoliant). Bonus essentials: Dry body brush, Dermalogica grey headband and Skin Hydrating Booster 5 ml (hydrating fluid concentrate)
Although there is no standard for establishing a gluten-free designation for topical skin care products, independent laboratory testing confirms that this formula surpasses the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) ingestible standards and can therefore be considered gluten-free.


Certified vegan by PETA


Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors

no artificial fragrances and colors

Formulated without Parabens


Certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA



  • Cleanse, condition and nourish to maintain lipid barrier health
  • Exfoliate, energize and brighten dull skin
  • Hydrate, smoothes and condition to relieve dryness

how to use

First, lather and work the Conditioning Body Wash over your entire body, then rinse. Massage Thermafoliant Body Scrub onto wet skin using gentle circular motions, 2 to 3 times a week (use the dry body brush for an additional exfoliating boost), then rinse. Smooth Body Hydrating Cream onto body morning and night. Lastly, use the Skin Hydrating Booster to spot relieve dryness and/or squeeze a small dose onto fingertips and massage gently over face and throat.

quick tip

Conditioning Body Wash is a great alternative for hand wash. Both body wash and hand wash contain surfactants, which remove dirt and kill viruses. Moisturize with Body Hydrating Cream within 60 seconds of washing your hands to trap hydration and restore your skin barrier to prevent dryness.


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