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image of woman dispensing biolumin-c eye serum
  • biolumin-c eye serum quick view

    biolumin-c eye serum

    brightening vitamin c eye serum

    C$ 98,00

  • retinol clearing oil quick view

    retinol clearing oil

    clears skin overnight

    C$ 114,00

  • invisible physical defense spf30 quick view

    invisible physical defense spf30

    weightless physical sunscreen

    C$ 77,00

  • active clay cleanser quick view

    active clay cleanser

    purifying prebiotic cleanser

    C$ 55,00

  • phyto-nature firming serum quick view

    phyto-nature firming serum

    lifting firming serum

    C$ 200,00

  • age bright clearing serum quick view

    age bright clearing serum

    brightening clearing serum

    C$ 89,00

  • age bright spot fader quick view

    age bright spot fader

    brightening spot treatment

    C$ 62,00

  • phyto replenish body oil quick view

    phyto replenish body oil

    skin-replenishing body oil

    C$ 73,00

  • thermafoliant body scrub quick view

    thermafoliant body scrub

    dual action body exfoliant

    C$ 60,00

  • body hydrating cream quick view

    body hydrating cream

    conditioning skin smoother

    C$ 44,00

  • conditioning body wash quick view

    conditioning body wash

    soap-free cleanser for body and hands

    C$ 41,00

  • ultracalming mist quick view

    ultracalming mist

    soothing, cooling spritz

    C$ 55,00

  • discover healthy skin quick view

    discover healthy skin

    the perfect introduction kit

    C$ 53,00

    (C$ 66,00 value)
  • intensive moisture trio quick view

    intensive moisture trio

    nourishes 10 layers deep

    C$ 54,00

    (C$ 63,00 value)
  • age defense kit quick view

    age defense kit

    fight premature skin aging

    C$ 78,00

    (C$ 105,00 value)
  • clear and brighten kit quick view

    clear and brighten kit

    target breakouts + premature skin aging

    C$ 61,00

    (C$ 103,00 value)
  • clearly matte kit quick view

    clearly matte kit

    clears + protects

    C$ 41,00

    (C$ 46,00 value)
  • hydrate + glow kit quick view

    hydrate + glow kit

    defend, hydrate, boost luminosity

    C$ 36,00

    (C$ 44,00 value)
  • dermalogica x Hayley Elsaesser mask quick view

    dermalogica x Hayley Elsaesser mask

    C$ 20,00

  • glow like a pro quick view

    glow like a pro

    cleanse, exfoliate, brighten

    C$ 154,00

    (C$ 197,00 value)
  • sensitive skin rescue quick view

    sensitive skin rescue

    serious relief for sensitive skin

    C$ 54,00

    (C$ 70,00 value)
  • flashfoliant quick view


    clearing brightening foam

    C$ 35,00

  • rapid reveal peel kick-start set quick view

    rapid reveal peel kick-start set

    professional-grade at-home peel

    C$ 41,00

    (C$ 54,00 value)
  • brighter together kit quick view

    brighter together kit

    brighten and firm

    C$ 123,00

    (C$ 183,00 value)